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21 December 2021

Simon Ingram at Whangārei Art Museum

Simon Ingram at Whangārei Art Museum
Simon Ingram, Automata Painting, 2020

Open now at the newly refurbished Whangārei Art Museum is Machine in the Garden featuring Simon Ingram’s Automata Paintings and a series of new computer-based works by Terrestrial Assemblages, an ecological working group Ingram initiated alongside digital artist John-Paul Pochin to create sensitivity to, and awareness of, natural systems.

The Automata Paintings, and the computer-based Tree Models, share an interpretation of complexity as the consequence of rule-based environments. Both series employ algorithmic “self-organising” systems called cellular automata, which were initially conceived of by mathematician John von Neumann as part of his research into machine self-replication and later developed by Konrad Zuse, John Conway, Christoper Langton and Stephen Wolfram. - Text from Whangārei Art Museum website.

Read further details in a review by NZ Herald here, or find further information on their website here.

03 February 2021

Simon Ingram: Exhibition explores the boundaries between science, technology and art

Simon Ingram: Exhibition explores the boundaries between science, technology and art
The Monadic Device by Simon Ingram

Learn more about Simon Ingram's practice in a new interview with Stuff. Ingram's exhibition 'The Algorithmic Impulse' is on at City Gallery, Wellington until 7 March.

"What is art, and what is an artist? Can a machine make art? Where are the boundaries between science, technology and art? These are questions that drive Simon Ingram. Based out of Auckland, Ingram has been looking for ways to connect painting with conversation and contemporary technology since the early 2000s. At the moment, he has an exhibition at the capital’s City Gallery, The Algorithmic Impulse, part of which features his painting-performance project Monadic Device, a machine which turns human brainwaves into art." Read the full article here.


31 July 2019

Simon Ingram's Painting Machine Collaboration with Orchestra Wellington

Simon Ingram's Painting Machine Collaboration with Orchestra Wellington
Artist Simon Ingram

Simon Ingram will turn music into art presenting a collaboration with Orchestra Wellington composer Alex Taylor to create a work live on stage using his painting machine in response to the music played by the Orchestra.

"It's this extraordinary work ... he's taken the inherent sounds of the robot and incorporated them electro-acoustically into the fabric of the score," conductor Mark Taddei said. Read the full article here.

'Pictures at an Exhibition' is on at the Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington on Friday 2 August. Tickets can be purchased here.

10 July 2019

Painting Politics Symposium

Painting Politics Symposium

Painting Politics, supported by Politico-Aesthetics Research Centre (PARC) Faculty of Arts & Faculty of Creative Industries, The University of Auckland, Dame Jenny Gibbs, and The Chartwell Trust and organised by gallery artist, Simon Ingram, will be a two-day symposium event to explore the intersection of aesthetic experience and political thought. Contributions will be made by scholars and theorists in conventional academic formats as well as pairings of practitioners and theorists who will undertake focused discussions and panel sessions. Gallery artists, James Cousins, Simon Ingram and Hugo Koha Lindsay are included in the line up of speakers.

To register for this free event, see here. The symposium runs from 26-27 July hosted at the Auckland Art Gallery.

21 December 2017

Simon Ingram at ZKM, Germany

Simon Ingram at ZKM, Germany
Radio Painting Station: Looking for the Waterhole

Simon Ingram’s Radio Painting Station: Looking for the Waterhole features in Open Codes: Living in Digital Worlds, curated by Peter Weibel at ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany. The work collects and materialises invisible cosmic energy as a series of painted compositions. It is an enlarged adaptation of Radio Painting Station installed at JAR in Auckland (2015) curated by Wystan Curnow, and an earlier work commissioned for Dark Sky (2012) curated by Tina Barton. The work at ZKM features a 4.5-metre long horn-type radio antenna projecting out of the building, which concentrates, filters, amplifies and digitizes cosmic energy for a mechatronic system to codify as a series of 1.6m square painted compositions inside the building.

Ingram notes: ‘I wanted to reposition the theme of expressing higher powers or unseen forces by using technical methods to paint invisible cosmic radio energy. Part of this was to rephrase the production of abstract images as a contemporary one by developing Vilém Flusser’s notion of the ‘technical image’. This is the non-narrative composition arising in response to increased abstraction, big data and technical change in human culture. In Flusser’s telling, technical images are made from devices that can see what we can’t see, experience what we can’t experience, able to bring together invisible quanta, such as photons and electrons and bits/bytes of information as images.’

The artist acknowledges the support of Kamahi Electronics, the Chartwell Trust, and Elam at The University of Auckland. The exhibition will run until 5 August 2018. For further information, see here.

01 July 2017

Simon Ingram Reviewed on Eye Contact

Simon Ingram Reviewed on Eye Contact
Ingram, 2017, Untitled (Waterview Skatepark)

John Hurrell recently reviewed Simon Ingram's most recent solo exhibition Digital Plastique, held last month at our Lorne St Gallery. 

"There is also interest in inconsistency or saturation of colour, the way that in a stroke the hue becomes anaemic, losing over distance its chromatic power so that a continuous line becomes watery. Then there are the lines that result from wet strokes being applied on wet backgrounds; the supporting colour underneath creating a streaky marbling effect within the robot-drawn linear vector. These lines are normally more rigid and less frenetic than the wobblier hand-drawn flourishes."

Read the full review here.

21 June 2017

Simon Ingram in Vienna

Simon Ingram in Vienna
Simon Ingram's painting machine at work

Simon Ingram in collaboration with Austrian artist Anna-Maria Bogner currently has an exhibition titled Lines on at Basement Wien, Vienna from 9 - 25 June. Lines sees Bogner's work fuse with Ingram's 'painting machine' which converts sketches and drawings done by Ingram on his phone through the machine and onto canvas. For further images and video of this installation, see here.

Basement Wien
Grundsteingasse 8/34-35, 2. Hof
A – 1160 Vienna

04 November 2016

Gow Langsford Gallery opens Christchurch Pop Up

Gow Langsford Gallery opens Christchurch Pop Up
Opening night, Thursday 3rd November, 2016

Gow Langsford Gallery has popped up in Christchurch to showcase an exciting new exhibition.

For three weeks this month, the exhibition will feature works by New Zealand and international artists, including Gregor KregarDick FrizzellSara HughesReuben Paterson, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Pablo Picasso, Gordon Walters and Colin McCahon. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and see the project unfold.

Visit us at the newly renovated space at The Tannery, or read more about the exhibition here.

Gow Langsford Gallery Pop Up
The Tannery
200 Cumnor Tce

Friday 4th - Sunday 20th November
Open daily 10 - 5pm


17 December 2015

The making of Simon Ingram's Random Walk Exercise

The making of Simon Ingram's Random Walk Exercise
Screenshot from time-lapse showing the making of Random Walk Exercise, 2015. 

Take a look at the making of Simon Ingram's work Random Walk Exercise, 2015, commissioned for Necessary Distraction: A Painting Show at Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki.
The exhibition runs from 28 November 2015 – 4 April 2016.

02 December 2015

James Cousins and Simon Ingram at The Auckland Art Gallery

James Cousins and Simon Ingram at The Auckland Art Gallery
James Cousins, Arc, 2014, 1700 x 1500mm, oil and acrylic on canvas currently exhibiting at The Auckland Art Gallery as part of Necessary Distraction, a painting show.

James Cousins and Simon Ingram are included in the Auckland Art Gallery's exhibition Necessary Distraction: A Painting Show curated by Natasha Conland (28 November  - 4 April 2016). 

Responding to the question 'What can painting offer that other art forms cannot?', the artworks selected and commissioned for this survey share a focus on material and form, and are deliberately open ended.

Through suggestion and proposition, the artists invite us into conversations that, rather than being constrained by the ties of narrative painting, are speculative and forward-looking. Necessary Distraction features diverse work by 20 established and emerging painters and offering a glimpse into a future for painting that's still in the making.


Please visit the Auckland Art Gallery's website  for more details.


11 August 2015

Simon Ingram Painting Machines: 2005 - 2014 Finalist in the 2015 New Zealand Best Awards

Simon Ingram Painting Machines: 2005 - 2014 Finalist in the 2015 New Zealand Best Awards

Congratulations to Simon Ingram. His book Simon Ingram Painting Machines: 2005 - 2014 is a Finalist in the 2015 New Zealand Best Awards. For more information on the awards visit:


15 July 2015

Simon Ingram in Basel

Simon Ingram in Basel
Simon Ingram, Random Walk Geometries, 2015

Simon Ingram is currently exhibiting at Hebel 121 in Basel, Switzerland.  Random Walk Geometries runs until 8th August. Check out our Facebook page for more images. 

08 July 2015

Simon Ingram at Water Tower Festival in Sofia

Simon Ingram at Water Tower Festival in Sofia
Simon Ingram, 2015

Simon Ingram is currently exhibiting in Sofia’s largest international art festival ‘The Water Tower Art Festival’. The festival is an artist run initiative that has been operating every year in June since 2006.

“The festival now has developed as a platform of exchange of national and international artists working in all disciplines within contemporary visual art. It gives the opportunity to share ideas and to question the socio-political situation with its socially engaged works made especially for the venues and showcase of contemporary artworks with the notion of overcoming the paradigm of our age, dominated by economic structures that obstruct our very prime right to exist.

Part of the festival this year will take place in the city of Pernik, (very close to Sofia), which in the 1980’s boasted more than 80 working factories with heavy industry – now, nearly all shut down, abandoned and in ruins, especially after the earthquake 3 years ago. In the face of this visible product of post-communist catastrophe, the notion of being politically correct is no longer satisfactory and we take a stand with the unquestionable power of art.  The hunches we follow this year are mere ideas to be where needed, as artists and fully aware of the function art has in society nowadays.

We are calling for revival, trying to bring back hope and sense in hopeless places and senseless time.”



29 April 2015

Featured, Simon Ingram: Paintings of the Sun

Featured, Simon Ingram: Paintings of the Sun
Paintings of the Sun in Wednesday's VIVA magazine, 29 April 2015

Simon Ingram's new exhibition Paintings of the Sun has been quick to grab attention!

See the feature in the Denizen here, in The Chartwell Collection's news here, or in today's Viva magazine.

On until the 23rd of May, be sure to visit the exhibition at 26 Lorne Street.

11 October 2014

Simon Ingram in International Forum

Simon Ingram in International Forum
International forum for non-objective art

Simon Ingram has work included in the International Forum for Non-Objective Art exhibition at The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate, Sofia

24 May 2014

Simon Ingram in Kingsland

Simon Ingram in Kingsland
Simon Ingram's installation at Jar, Radio Station

Drive through Kingsland to view Simon Ingram's installation at Jar. Radio Painting Station, a project supported by The Chartwell Trust, can be viewed at 589 New North Rd until November 2014.

13 May 2014

Simon Ingram's Monograph

Simon Ingram's Monograph
Simon Ingram's monograph, Painting Machines 2005 - 2014

Simon Ingram's first monograph will be available shortly through the gallery. The monograph surveys the artist's work from 2007 - 2013. In three substantial essays and with a contribution by the artist, it explores how Ingram interrogates the act of painting - its supports, execution, composition, and exhibition - as a self-organizing machine that is generated by living systems and electromagnetic energy. 

The artist gratefully acknowledges those involved who worked to develop and publish this book: the publisher, writers and translators, and in particular, the book's editor, Christina Barton, Director of The Adam Art Gallery, and Toby Curnow at Inhouse Design.

10 November 2013

Sara Hughes and Simon Ingram at The Dowse

Sara Hughes and Simon Ingram at The Dowse
Simon Ingram's installation at The Dowse Art Museum, 2013

Gallery artists Sara Hughes and Simon Ingram both have work in the current Dowse Art Museum exhibition As Many Structures As I Can, which explores the systems and structures artists use to create their works. As Many Structures As I Can is on until 16 February 2014.

07 November 2013

Simon Ingram's Radio Painting Station

Simon Ingram's Radio Painting Station
Simon Ingram, Radio Painting Station, Kingsland, 2013

Simon Ingram's latest project, Radio Painting Station, is a year-long, evolving experiment, consisting of a solar powered amateur radio astronomy painting studio. View at 589 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland. 

19 April 2013

Simon Ingram Smoking Bolts at Artspace Sydney

Simon Ingram’s exhibition Smoking Bolts opens next month at Artspace in Sydney. The show features a cluster of machines that will take up occupation in the Artspace Gallery. Successively marking out different compositions and notations they paint live in the space through an operational system run remotely by the artist in Auckland. The title refers to a clandestine operation in which ‘a special entry team breaks into an enemy installation and steals a high-security device, like a code machine, leaving nothing but the smoking bolts.’ The exhibition runs 2 May - 16 June 2013. See their website for full details.

21 March 2013

Simon Ingram solo show at Artspace Sydney

Simon Ingram will exhibit a solo project at Artspace Sydney later this year (1 May - 16 June). The exhibition will develop aspects of his 2012 installation at the Frankfurter Kunstverein entitled Energy Transference. This will be the artist's first solo exhibition in Sydney since his Information Paintings (1997) at the artist-run gallery CBD.