23 November 2021

At The Heart of It

At The Heart of It

New Zealand has over 50 independent art galleries which showcase the work of thousands of local and international artists each year.

Together, we support artists with much needed income, ongoing career guidance, and hands-on support wherever possible – working with each of them to reach new audiences through shows, events, and art fairs.

It’s hard work, but we wouldn't have it any other way. And by supporting independent galleries, you’re not only helping artists with an income – you’re doing your bit to keep the arts in Aotearoa flourishing.


23 February 2021

Gow Langsford at Auckland Art Fair on NZ Arts Review

Gow Langsford at Auckland Art Fair on NZ Arts Review
Frances Hodgkins, Christmas Tree, c.1940

New Zealand Arts Review writer John Daly-Peoples discusses the upcoming Auckland Art Fair and the masterworks we will be showcasing from Henry Moore and Frances Hodgkins. Read the full article here.

15 December 2020

Karl Maughan and the eternal possibilities of the garden

Karl Maughan and the eternal possibilities of the garden
Maughan in his studio. Courtesy of ROSS GIBLIN for STUFF

"In his Mt Victoria studio, Karl Maughan is slowly building a garden on a canvas. It’s the early stages of what will eventually be a high-impact artwork hanging on a collector’s wall: thick, dark paint strokes are interrupted by fluffy balls of pink and blue resembling hydrangeas, while the outline of a future path weaves up the middle.

This is where one of New Zealand’s most successful artists spends his days. A painting Maughan created in the mid-90s, inspired by Miles Warren’s garden on Banks Peninsula, hangs on one wall. A vintage train track he pulled out of a skip sits on a table, near Karl Maughan, a heavy, lush, coffee table book about his work which was released on Thursday (10th December)."

Read the full article here. To purchase a copy of Karl Maughan published by Gow Langsford and Auckland University Press, contact us.

10 December 2020

Reuben Paterson Rug Collaboration with Dilana

Reuben Paterson Rug Collaboration with Dilana

Artist Reuben Paterson has expanded his talents into rug design in collaboration with New Zealand based Dilana, a project 3 years in the making. The limited edition release for Spring 2020 is titled Ko Te Aroha Anō which translates as Love is Like Water. The genealogy of these two kōwhaiwhai, the Mangopare and Mangotipi weave together are an invocation and whakapapa to Tangaroa through the colours of the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea. 

As two interlaced patterns they come together at spaces of intersection like the oceans kiss at Cape Reinga in colours, blue and green, or the line of shore and sea and ocean and horizon. As they sit in reflection to how they are found in the wharenui, there is now an up and down, they are sky and land, and whakapapa back further to the primeval parents Rangi and Papa.

Paterson states: "Kōwhaiwhai take us on a visual journey where their own genealogy of swirling curls come to represent short journeys. These expeditions are literal, spiritual and metaphorical excursions between all parts of the meetinghouse, reinforcing the intimate genealogical and holistic relationship between humankind and our environment. For a rug of kōwhaiwhai to be placed in reflection and onto the floor was at first at emotional odds to me and became the creative challenge when a friend just simply said, well figure it out, how do you place kōwhaiwhai on the ground – could it be as simple a declaration as that?

And something magic happened. You will contemplate these two rugs and instantly read them as kōwhaiwhai, though there are none present – this is my surprise for you, because you do have memories and experiences that spark your relationship with them. What I needed to do was shelter each koru, so that every pitau is veiled and protected by bold and curving line so each contour becomes a frontier to a new and personal expedition."

Each rug: 2500 x 2500mm, hand tufted, 100% NZ wool, 5kg/sqm, edition of 3

For further details, see here.


16 October 2020

Ponsonby Pop Up for Artweek Auckland 2020

Ponsonby Pop Up for Artweek Auckland 2020
Installation View

We are pleased to be included in the Stockroom at Sapphire Pop Up alongside three other Auckland galleries; Masterworks Gallery, Melanie Roger Gallery and Whitespace Contemporary Art as part of Artweek Auckland. Join us and the other galleries for drinks tonight from 6-8pm at The Sapphire Room, Ponsonby Central. For more information, see here.

Public Hours:
Friday 16 October: 11am – 8pm
Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 October: 11am – 5pm

01 October 2020

Sydney Contemporary presents 2020

Sydney Contemporary presents 2020

For the first online iteration of Sydney Contemporary presents 2020, Gow Langsford Gallery is pleased to present works by Dale Frank and Virginia Leonard. The online presentation runs from 1 - 31 October - register to view here.

Contact us for a list of available works, or for further information.

29 September 2020

Darryn George and Virginia Leonard Win at The 29th Annual Wallace Art Awards

Darryn George and Virginia Leonard Win at The 29th Annual Wallace Art Awards
2020 Winners

A big congratulations to gallery artists Darryn George and Virginia Leonard, who were both winners at The 29th Annual Wallace Art Awards.

Darryn George was The Wallace Arts Trust Second Award Winner for his work Mara #26, 2020, oil pastel and acrylic on canvas, 1570 x 2180 x 55mm and Virginia Leonard was the First Runner-up Award Winner for her work Cripple, 2020, clay, lustre and resin, 945 x 540 x 530mm.

The exhibition can be viewed at the Pah Homestead until 15 November. Visit their website for further details.

30 March 2020

Virginia Leonard Featured on Art Collector

Virginia Leonard Featured on Art Collector

Our recent announcement of representation of ceramic artist Virginia Leonard has been featured on Art Collector. Gary Langsford spoke with them about this commenting, “Virginia’s ceramics embody the best of all this is creatively possible with the medium,” [...] “They push the boundaries and are as much sculpture as vessel.”

Read the full article here.

18 March 2020

Art Basel Online Viewing Rooms

Art Basel Online Viewing Rooms
Judy Millar, Untitled, 2019, oil and acrylic on canvas, 2100 x 1550mm

Gow Langsford Gallery is delighted to announce our participation in Art Basel’s first iteration of Online Viewing Rooms, a new digital platform designed to connect galleries and collectors from around the world.

Viewing Rooms launches on March 20 and remains live until March 25, with VIP preview days March 18 to March 20.

Our Online Viewing Room will feature works by contemporary New Zealand painter Judy Millar alongside a group exhibition by Oceanic artists including Colin McCahon, Dale Frank, John Pule and Lisa Roet; together with European sculptors Tony Cragg, Henry Moore and Ugo Rondinone.

To access Online Viewing Rooms, create an Art Basel user profile here, or find more information here.

22 January 2020

How investing in art could make you a fortune

How investing in art could make you a fortune
Credit: Tobias Kraus

Director Gary Langsford spoke with Newshub about how investing in art could profitable in the long run.  

"For people starting out in buying art, Langsford suggested visiting public and dealer galleries and talking to the dealers to get a sense of what's happening in the market.

"Get yourself on a mailing list, know what exhibitions and openings are coming up and see what sells - some artists sell out even before they open the show," Langsford said.

To identify emerging artists before buying, people are encouraged to watch the artist's career. If their artwork is picked up by a bigger gallery, showcased at museums or at overseas exhibitions, these are positive signs."

Read the full article here.

12 November 2019

A Thousand Stories - An Art Auction to Change Lives for Mapura Studios

A Thousand Stories - An Art Auction to Change Lives for Mapura Studios

Please join Gow Langsford Gallery in supporting a charity art auction event for Māpura Studios on Thursday 21 November. 

Māpura Studios supports people at all stages of life who suffer from neurological disorders, stroke, disability, mental health and other invisible conditions. Māpura changes lives using creativity and art therapy because hope goes beyond words. Everybody knows someone who has suffered and everybody has a story to tell. Please support this charity art auction to raise funds for Māpura’s work, and to support our artists now and in the future. Your story could well be part of our story. Find more information on Māpura Studios website here.

Purchase tickets now here and view the auction catalogue online here.

04 July 2019

Mural: Jackson Pollock | Katharina Grosse

Mural: Jackson Pollock | Katharina Grosse
Image courtesy of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Now open at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston until 23 February 2020 is Mural: Jackson Pollock | Katharina Grosse. The exhibition features Jackson Pollock's largest painting ever, Mural (1943) alongside a newly commissioned work by Grosse. "The unprecedented pairing of Pollock and Grosse’s work demonstrates how the artists have each transformed painting through their innovative techniques and approaches to colour on a massive scale." Find more information here.

Museum of Fine Arts Boston
465 Huntington Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts
Open 7 days



18 October 2018

John Pule in Oceania at Royal Academy of Arts, London

John Pule in Oceania at Royal Academy of Arts, London
Detail of Panel 3 of John Pule, Kehe Tau Hauaga Foou (To All New Arrivals), 2007

The Royal Academy of Arts in London latest exhibition Oceania brings together over 200 works from private and public collections from the Pacific. The timing of the exhibition also marks 250 years since Captain Cook's first voyage to the Pacific. John Pule's Kehe tau hauaga foou (To all new arrivals) concludes the overall exhibition. It is one of Pule’s largest works to dates with an impressive five panels that draw on global issues set within a Pacific viewpoint. A poet as well as a painter, this work tells a story of Pacific history past, yet the work is strongly cemented in the present. 

The Oceania exhibition has been receiving extremely high praise and is attracting a lot of media attention. Read the review on The Economist 1843 here, a review in the Financial Times here, its five-star review on The Standard hereand it was called 'an astonishing blast of a show' by The Telegraph here.

29 September - 10 December 2018

Royal Academy of Arts
Burlington House, Piccadilly
London, W1J 0BD
Open daily 10am - 6pm
Fridays 10am - 10pm

03 July 2018

Martin Ball and Hugo Koha Lindsay Finalists for 2018 Parkin Drawing Award

Martin Ball and Hugo Koha Lindsay Finalists for 2018 Parkin Drawing Award
Lindsay, Failed Geometry, 2018

Out of a total of 463 entries, Gallery artists Martin Ball and Hugo Koha Lindsay have been announced as finalists for the 2018 Parkin Drawing Award. Both have been finalists in the past, with Lindsay being awarded a Merit Award last year. The works will be exhibited in Wellington at the NZ Academy of Fine Arts from 17 July - 19 August 2018. The winner will be announced at the opening on Monday 16 July. 

Read more here, or contact us for further details.

26 May 2018

John Pule at the Auckland Art Fair 2018

John Pule at the Auckland Art Fair 2018
Pule, One memory lies within me, 2017

For the final days of the Auckland Art Fair at The Cloud, Auckland Waterfront, Gow Langsford presents a solo exhibition of new works by John Pule.

As a writer, poet, printmaker and painter, John Pule weaves into his works a narrative rich in culture, specifically inspired by his birthplace, Niue and the greater Pacific region. The twelve works presented at this year’s Fair are small-scale paintings that depict quiet moments filled with hope, serenity and love amongst surrealist landscapes in hues of blues and greens.

The Fair is open 10am-5pm this Saturday and Sunday. Contact us for further details.

25 May 2018

Hugo Koha Lindsay at Auckland Art Fair 2018

Hugo Koha Lindsay at Auckland Art Fair 2018
Installation at Booth D3

New works by Hugo Koha Lindsay have been installed at our Auckland Art Fair Booth D3 open today from 11am-5pm, and then 5-9pm for the Art Party (tickets available online here, or at the door).

Emerging artist, Hugo Koha Lindsay joined Gow Langsford's stable of artists in 2017. His most recent exhibition, But will it float, furthered his exploration and ongoing interest in the urban environment and the emotional and behavioural effects these landscapes have on us. Continuing on from this exhibition, seven new paintings will be exhibited at the Auckland Art Fair. Loosely described as monoprints, each work is produced using techniques that engage with the architectural space of the artist's studio. 

Contact us for further details on these works, or visit Booth D3 today to learn more.

23 May 2018

Dale Frank at Auckland Art Fair 2018

Dale Frank at Auckland Art Fair 2018
Installation view, Booth D3. Credit: Tobias Kraus

New works by Dale Frank will be presented over the next two days (Wednesday 23rd - Thursday 24th) at the Auckland Art Fair 2018 at The Cloud, Auckland Waterfront.

Dale Frank’s name is synonymous with contemporary art in Australasia. With paintings selected specifically for the Auckland Art Fair, this body of new work demonstrates the versatile, playful and innovative nature that Dale Frank's practise has come to be known for. Predominately labelled a painter, Frank’s work traverses into the realms of sculpture, as he continues to push his medium to the very limit. Unconventional materials such as multi-coloured wigs, compression foam, coloured varnish, Swarovski crystals and glitter are utilised to create complex pieces that are striking and utterly unique. Further works by Dale Frank can be viewed at the Britomart Project Space, 26-28 Customs St East over the duration of the Fair.

Further works can be viewed here.

27 March 2018

Gow Langsford at Art Basel Hong Kong 2018

Gow Langsford at Art Basel Hong Kong 2018
Colin McCahon, A Handkerchief for St Veronica, 1973

Gow Langsford Gallery is gearing up for Art Basel Hong Kong 2018, opening officially tomorrow night. We are presenting works from one of New Zealand's most prolific artists, Colin McCahon, which will mark the first major exhibition of his works in Asia. Find us at Booth 3D42. Read more about 'What's Trending at Art Basel Hong Kong' on The New York Times here.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018, 5pm to 9pm

Public Days
Thursday, March 29, 2018, 1pm to 9pm
Friday, March 30, 2018, 1pm to 8pm
Saturday, March 31, 2018, 11am to 6pm

Hong Kong
Convention & Exhibition Centre
1 Harbour Road
Wan Chai
Hong Kong, China

21 February 2018

Judy Millar on Contemporary HUM

Judy Millar on Contemporary HUM
Judy Millar in her West Auckland Studio. Photo Courtesy of Judy Millar.

A new article on Contemporary HUM by Jodie Dalgleish explores Judy Millar's recent body of work and discusses her practice.

"Then, I see that each painting’s spatial action comes not only from its curving ‘brushstrokes’ but also from the possibilities of colour. Framed ‘colour focal fields,’ as I call them with Millar’s approval, become characteristic of the work and precipitate formal interactions that are constantly backgrounded and foregrounded in layers of painterly detail." - Jodie Dalgleish

Read the full article here

08 January 2018

Reuben Paterson on the Cover of Art New Zealand

Reuben Paterson on the Cover of Art New Zealand
Art New Zealand Cover

Reuben Paterson graces the cover of the Summer 2017-2018 Art New Zealand issue that also includes an eight-page interview with writer Lucy Hammonds titled 'Blooming New: The Rebirth of Reuben Paterson'.

21 December 2017

Simon Ingram at ZKM, Germany

Simon Ingram at ZKM, Germany
Radio Painting Station: Looking for the Waterhole

Simon Ingram’s Radio Painting Station: Looking for the Waterhole features in Open Codes: Living in Digital Worlds, curated by Peter Weibel at ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany. The work collects and materialises invisible cosmic energy as a series of painted compositions. It is an enlarged adaptation of Radio Painting Station installed at JAR in Auckland (2015) curated by Wystan Curnow, and an earlier work commissioned for Dark Sky (2012) curated by Tina Barton. The work at ZKM features a 4.5-metre long horn-type radio antenna projecting out of the building, which concentrates, filters, amplifies and digitizes cosmic energy for a mechatronic system to codify as a series of 1.6m square painted compositions inside the building.

Ingram notes: ‘I wanted to reposition the theme of expressing higher powers or unseen forces by using technical methods to paint invisible cosmic radio energy. Part of this was to rephrase the production of abstract images as a contemporary one by developing Vilém Flusser’s notion of the ‘technical image’. This is the non-narrative composition arising in response to increased abstraction, big data and technical change in human culture. In Flusser’s telling, technical images are made from devices that can see what we can’t see, experience what we can’t experience, able to bring together invisible quanta, such as photons and electrons and bits/bytes of information as images.’

The artist acknowledges the support of Kamahi Electronics, the Chartwell Trust, and Elam at The University of Auckland. The exhibition will run until 5 August 2018. For further information, see here.

23 November 2017

Dick Frizzell for Art Ache 2017

Dick Frizzell for Art Ache 2017
Dick Frizzell with his tiki print. Image: Babiche Martens.

Dick Frizzell has joined four other New Zealand artists for the latest Art Ache event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Dick Frizzell's first exhibition using the tiki at Gow Langsford Gallery. Each artist has created a print that presents their interpretation of the tiki and what it means to them. Signed prints are available online and at a one night only event which will be held at Golden Dawn, Ponsonby on 23 November 2017, from 5 pm. All of the artists will be present on the night, with all sales of Frizzell's A4 print going to Paw Justice. 

View the available print here, and for more information on the event, see here.

22 September 2017

Alex Monteith at ST PAUL St Galley

Alex Monteith at ST PAUL St Galley
Coastal Flows / Coastal Incursions Installation View

Alex Monteith has a new exhibition open at ST PAUL St Gallery, Auckland. Coastal Flows / Coastal Incursions has been an ongoing project for Monteith for over six years revisiting a collection of material from Te Mimi o Tū Te Rakiwhānoa (Fiordland coastal and marine area) held at Southland Museum and Art Gallery Niho o Te Taniwha. Monteith has been working with local iwi to facilitate the research and reappraisal of this collection. The exhibition consists of the collection, and a video installation by Monteith Coastal Flows / Coastal Incursions, In Light of Time (2017), alongside photographs by Mark Adams' from 2014. The exhibition runs until 27 October 2017. For further details about this exhibition, see here.

ST PAUL St Galleries
40 St Paul St
Auckland City
Tuesday - Friday 10am - 5pm
Saturday 12 - 4pm

14 September 2017

Laurence Aberhart at Christchurch Art Gallery

Laurence Aberhart at Christchurch Art Gallery
Laurence Aberhart Kamala, Astral and Charlotte, Lyttelton, October 1981. 8 x 10" contact print. Image courtesy of Christchurch Art Gallery and Laurence Aberhart.

Aberhart Starts Here, a new exhibition featuring works by one of New Zealand's most prolific living photographers, Laurence Aberhart opens at Christchurch Art Gallery on 15 September 2017. Early and unseen photographs of Christchurch will be exhibited until 6 February 2018.

"Between 1975 and 1983, when the internationally-renowned New Zealand artist lived in and around Christchurch, he began to photograph the everyday world around him. Christchurch is where Aberhart developed his eye for the things that later brought his work to international prominence: his interest in the vanishing past, vernacular histories, and typological series, all emerged over this period."

For more information on this exhibition, visit their website here.

07 September 2017

Gow Langsford at Sydney Contemporary 2017

Gow Langsford at Sydney Contemporary 2017
Gow Langsford Gallery Booth B02

Gow Langsford Gallery is participating in the Sydney Contemporary Art Fair from 7 - 10 September 2017. The gallery's booth (B02) features an international line up of artists including five significant works by Tony Cragg, and works by Dale Frank, Lee Ufan, Brett Whiteley, Rosalie Gascoigne, and Katharina Grosse. Works by prominent New Zealand artists, such as Colin McCahon, Judy Millar, Paul Dibble, Max Gimblett, and André Hemer will also be exhibited during the course of the Art Fair. Sydney Contemporary is held at Carriageworks, 245 Wilson St, Eveleigh NSW 2015, with the opening hours as below.

Opening Hours & Dates

VIP Preview
Wednesday 6 September: By invitation only

Opening Night
Thursday 7 September: 5 - 9pm

General Opening Hours
Thursday 7 September: 12 - 5pm
Friday 8 September: 11 - 6pm
Saturday 9 September: 10 - 6pm
Sunday 10 September: 10 - 5pm

04 August 2017

Sara Hughes at Tauranga Art Gallery

Sara Hughes at Tauranga Art Gallery
Willow, 2017

A new public exhibition by Sara Hughes has opened at Tauranga Art Gallery until 27 October 2017. Willow is an interactive installation as part of their major atrium project for 2017. Hughes discusses the exhibition below:

My new installation for the Tauranga Art Gallery titled 'Willow' extends on my deep interest in the ways that art can interact and engage with site and add to people’s experience of place. During visits to Tauranga in the lead up to this exhibition, I have come across a range of factors that have informed my ideas and thinking. Discovering an old stained glass window (from Tauranga’s first Library built in 1931) housed within the current Library (opposite the Gallery) sparked my curiosity to learn more about Willow Street; its history and its architecture. This research informs the project giving it layers of meaning that can be approached in a range of ways by the audience.

Key aspects of the work are the geometries of the built space we live within. I have referenced specific shapes and forms found on Willow Street to engage in a wider dialogue about urban space. Silhouette’s from window frames and positive and negative architectural shapes will be echoed throughout the atrium; overlapping in transparent layers of vinyl on the gallery windows, on the walls of the atrium and within the wooden blocks in the centre of the lobby that invite viewers to create their own architectural structures. I have been working with the Menz shed to create these blocks, sourced from local wood - personal, physical and conceptual connections are an important aspect of this work.

My two sons aged 3 and 5 are a strong influence on my current practice and I enjoy watching them create and demolish elaborate block constructions. This visual and spatial learning is an important developmental phase for children and continues to intrigue adults. My work picks up on this intrinsic human desire and need to build – inviting people of all ages into the lobby to engage with my project and ideas.

For further information, visit their website here.

18 July 2017

Martin Ball and Hugo Koha Lindsay Parkin Prize Finalists for 2017

Martin Ball and Hugo Koha Lindsay Parkin Prize Finalists for 2017
Lindsay, Forensic Cue 1, 2017, graphite compound and acrylic on canvas, 1500 x 1200mm

Gow Langsford artists Hugo Koha Lindsay and Martin Ball have just been announced as finalists in the 2017 Parkin Drawing Prize, New Zealand's premier award for drawing. Ball's work Ali-Clay, 2016 showcases his skill with graphite and his ability to produce these hyper-realist portraits with such detail. Lindsay's work Forensic Cue 1, 2017 utilises a mixed medium approach with a bold use of graphite and acrylic.

For more information on the Parkin Prize, visit their website here.

01 July 2017

Simon Ingram Reviewed on Eye Contact

Simon Ingram Reviewed on Eye Contact
Ingram, 2017, Untitled (Waterview Skatepark)

John Hurrell recently reviewed Simon Ingram's most recent solo exhibition Digital Plastique, held last month at our Lorne St Gallery. 

"There is also interest in inconsistency or saturation of colour, the way that in a stroke the hue becomes anaemic, losing over distance its chromatic power so that a continuous line becomes watery. Then there are the lines that result from wet strokes being applied on wet backgrounds; the supporting colour underneath creating a streaky marbling effect within the robot-drawn linear vector. These lines are normally more rigid and less frenetic than the wobblier hand-drawn flourishes."

Read the full review here.

15 June 2017

Reuben Paterson at Toi Pōneke Arts Centre, Wellington

Reuben Paterson at Toi Pōneke Arts Centre, Wellington
Paterson, Afternoon Delight, 2017, glitter on canvas, 500 x 2250mm

Reuben Paterson's 'Afternoon Delight' is currently on show at Toi Pōneke Arts Centre in Wellington until 24 June 2017.

Physical and virtual taonga are unified in the exhibition Pūkana whakarunga! Pūkana whakararo! curated by Suzanne Tamaki. Referencing the heralding of Matariki, the exhibition brings heaven and earth into closer conversation. Contemporary artworks by leading and emerging Māori artists are paired with virtual taonga from the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa, accessed via visitors’ mobile devices.

And as part of the events, there will be a High Tea and kōrero with Suzanne Tamaki and Reuben Paterson on Wednesday 21 June from 5:30 pm. Koha entry for Te Whare Rokiroki / Women’s Refuge. Visit the Facebook event for more information.

Toi Pōneke Arts Centre
61/69 Abel Smith Street
Te Aro, Wellington 6012
New Zealand

Open: Weekdays 10 - 8pm, Weekends 10 - 4pm, closed on public holidays

11 June 2017

Jono Rotman wins Images Vevey Book Award

Jono Rotman wins Images Vevey Book Award
Installation of 2014 exhibition. Image credit: Tobias Kraus

New Zealand photographer and represented artist Jono Rotman has been awarded the prestigious Image Vevey Book Award for 2017/2018 for his Mongrel Mob photographic series. Rotman has dedicated over 10 years exploring this subject matter which will now cumulate in the creation of a book project aided by the Amis d'Images. The award of a EUR 9,000 grant to assist in this publication was a unanimous decision by the jury. The jury consisting of artist Christian Marclay, Simon Baker (Curator of photography and international art, Tate London), Lars Boering (Managing Director, World Press Photo Amsterdam), Darius Himes (Head of Photographs, Christie’s New York), and Luce Lebart (Director of the Canadian Photography Institute) commented:

"In his work Rotman demonstrates an unusual and highly sophisticated sensitivity to the ethical and practical concerns associated with a documentary project of this scope. The result is both visually compelling and textually rich. Comprised of portraits, archival material, and a comprehensive series of interviews to be designed as a kind of handbook for the self-defined “Mongrel Mob”, a balance of form and content will ultimately define the finished book."

Rotman was selected as the sole winner from 194 applications submitted from 34 countries. For further information on this award, visit the Images Vevey website here.

09 June 2017

Gow Langsford Gallery Christchurch Pop-Up

Gow Langsford Gallery Christchurch Pop-Up

Gow Langsford Gallery has returned to Christchurch with a second pop-up exhibition at The Tannery, Woolston. The large warehouse space is again transformed with works by three of our prominent artists; Karl Maughan (b. 1964), Paul Dibble (b. 1943), and Antonio Murado (b. 1964).

The exhibition will run until Sunday 25th June.

Gow Langsford Gallery
The Tannery
200 Cumnor Terrace
Woolston 8023

Open Tuesday – Sunday, 10am – 5pm. Closed Mondays.

01 June 2017

New Max Gimblett Screenprints

New Max Gimblett Screenprints
Gimblett, Simple Way, 2017, unique screenprint on paper, 965 x 965mm unframed

"South Pacific Paradise" is the title of a new series of screenprints by Max Gimblett now available at the gallery. With this series of prints, Gimblett has chosen to work with the "tondo" format rather than his usual quatrefoil. 

Max notes that these works are reflective of the sun and the moon, and of the philosophy of time having no beginning nor end. Bound within each tondo are Max's signature gestural and sweeping brushstrokes of colour, with each hue chosen to reflect those of the colours of the South Pacific.

Contact us for a list of the available works, or for further information.

18 May 2017

Now Representing Hugo Koha Lindsay

Now Representing Hugo Koha Lindsay
Hugo in studio. Photography: Tobias Kraus

Gow Langsford Gallery welcomes Hugo Koha Lindsay into its stable of artists. Lindsay’s abstract surfaces take reference from their surroundings and from the process of painting. Creases are captured in the process of the canvas being stretched, rubbings are made and marks mirrored from his studio walls and floor. Lindsay’s work often reflects the structure of the ubiquitous digital screen, where space is constructed in layers that acknowledge tabs or windows. His practice considers the greater complexities of today’s relationship between the digital and the physical, which continues to shift with the progression of digital culture.

Lindsay has been the recipient of numerous recent awards including the Molly Morpeth Canaday Painting and Drawing Award, 2016; the Kaipara Wallace Arts Trust Award, 2015; the Parkin Drawing Prize Merit Award, 2015; the Walker and Hall, Zinni Douglas Merit Award, 2014; and the Francis Erwin Hunt Scholarship, 2011.

Contact us for further information.

12 May 2017

Dick Frizzell at Britomart Project Space

Dick Frizzell at Britomart Project Space
Installation at Britomart Project Space

A selection of Dick Frizzell's I'm here for the Monkey series is now installed at the Britomart Project Space located at 26-28 Customs Street East, Britomart.

This series was completed last year for the Auckland Art Fair 2016 and boosted an impressive display of 100 individual, unique works on canvas each sized at 200 x 200mm. This project, and namesake of the series, is based on his Phantom works that began in the 1970s which developed from the interests of the artist’s self-proclaimed ‘misspent comic-book youth'.

For further information on these works, please contact us. 

05 May 2017

Te Tuhi Secret Art Sale

Te Tuhi Secret Art Sale
A selection of works that will be available. Image courtesy of Te Tuhi.

The inaugural Te Tuhi Secret Art Sale opens this weekend with gallery artists Sara Hughes, Graham Fletcher, and Gregor Kregar all contributing original artworks that will be available to purchase, but there is a catch. The artworks are exhibited anonymously and once the sale is complete, the artist will be revealed. Each postcard sized work is priced at $80 with all the works donated by well-recognised artists, architects, and designers. The proceeds will go towards the Te Tuhi Commissioning Fund, and for a new collector, this is a great way to get your hands on some original works. For more information, see here.

Open from 11 - 4pm, Satuday 6 May and Sunday 7 May
Preview: 10 - 11am, Saturday 6 May
George Fraser Gallery, 25A Princes Street, Auckland

12 April 2017

Hawke's Bay Museums Trust Acquires Jono Rotman's Ōmarunui Series

Hawke's Bay Museums Trust Acquires Jono Rotman's Ōmarunui Series
Rotman, Ref: 1/2-181854-F, 2016. Carnell, Samuel, 1832-1920: Karaitiana Takamoana. Parsons, Patrick: Ngati Kahungunu portraits, 2016. Maori portrait negatives. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand, pigment inks on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta 315gsm, 1520 x 1220mm

The Hawke's Bay Museums Trust has acquired Jono Rotman's Ōmarunui photographic series which references the battle that took place there on October 12, 1866. On this series and the events that occurred, Jono states; "Beyond my ancestral proximity, I feel the events in Ōmarunui are a microcosm of the wider tectonics of that period in the nation’s history and hold relevance to this day".

2 of the 6 works in this series were gifted by Gow Langsford and Jono Rotman to the Trust, alongside the 4 other purchased works. They will be on display at MTG Hawke's Bay later this year.

For more on this acquisitions, see here, or contact the gallery for further information.

08 March 2017

Richard Lewer at Britomart Project Space

Richard Lewer at Britomart Project Space
Richard Lewer at Britomart

A selection of Richard Lewer's sandpaper works are now on display at the Britomart Project Space located at 26-28 Customs Street East, Britomart, Auckland. Proclaiming things such as "Don't waste my time" and "My girlfriend is hard work", Lewer's works are confronting, yet relatable and draw on social, cultural, and political concerns. For more information, please contact us.

07 March 2017

Sara Hughes in GRID / COLOUR / PLANE at Uxbridge

Sara Hughes in GRID / COLOUR / PLANE at Uxbridge
A selection of Hughes works are included in this group exhibition

GRID / COLOUR / PLANE opened at the Malcolm Smith Gallery at Uxbridge Arts & Culture Centre over the weekend which includes Sara Hughes and Hugo Koha Lindsay, curated by Julian McKinnon. The group exhibition brings together seven non-figurative Auckland painters and is on exhibition until 22nd April 2017.

Malcolm Smith Gallery
Monday - Saturday 10:00AM – 4:00PM
Thursday open until 8:00PM

35 Uxbridge Road
Howick, 2014

01 March 2017

Reuben Paterson at The Suter Art Gallery, Nelson

Reuben Paterson at The Suter Art Gallery, Nelson
Waiwhakaiho, 2016, glitter and synthetic polymer on canvas, 1200 x 1200mm

Reuben Paterson is one of eight New Zealand artists presented in The River Lie, now open at The Suter Art Gallery in Nelson. The prominent theme of the exhibition is to expose landscapes in various forms and mediums, with works that 'complicate the landscape'.  Four works of Paterson's are included showcasing his artistic skill in manipulating glitter on canvas, and working sculpturally.

The River Lie runs until Sunday 28 May 2017, with more information available on their website here. To read the interview with The Suter Art Gallery curator Sarah McClintock featured in the Nelson Mail and on, see here.

28 February 2017

Darryn George 'Prayer's and Progress' Open Now

Darryn George 'Prayer's and Progress' Open Now
George, Atua (Psalm 22), 2012

Darryn George's new solo exhibition Prayers and Progress opened last week at Ilam Campus Gallery, Christchurch. The show combines two series of works that have drawn their inspiration from the Christchurch earthquakes of 2010-11. 

‘There was a period just after the Christchurch earthquake, in February 2011, when I started painting word paintings with the word ‘Atua’, Atua is the Maori translation for God. Repeated over and over, the word appears like a prayer for help. Sometimes the words are small like whispered prayers, sometimes they are big like prayers voiced in panic! As the series grew I started to extend the vocabulary to use the words Rata (Doctor), Kaitiaki (Keeper) and Takuta (Physician).’
Darryn George, August 2012

Prayers and Progress is on until 23 March 2017, and Darryn will be giving an artist's talk on Thursday 2 March from 12.30pm. 

18 January 2017

Katharina Grosse at Gagosian Gallery, New York

Katharina Grosse at Gagosian Gallery, New York
Grosse, Untitled, 2016, acrylic on canvas, 2900 × 1930 mm, © Katharina Grosse und VG Bild-Kunst Bonn, 2017. Photo by Jens Ziehe

Gallery artist Katharina Grosse’s solo exhibition Gagosian Gallery opens this week in New York and will run until 11 March. Last year the renowned gallery announced she would be joining their stable of represented artists, with this show marking Katharina's first solo gallery exhibition in New York and a significant milestone in her career which continues to attract global attention. The exhibition will feature selected large canvas works from the past 12 months, alongside sculptural works. For more information, see here.

01 December 2016

Dick Frizzell teams up with Blunt Umbrellas and Oxfam NZ

Dick Frizzell teams up with Blunt Umbrellas and Oxfam NZ
Dick Frizzell with his limited edition 'Weather Bomb' Blunt umbrella

Blunt™ has teamed up with Dick Frizzell to create the limited edition ‘Weather Bomb’ umbrella.  Frizzell comments "I got together with my mate Tamati Coffey, who knew all the weather sayings under the sun and drew up the 'weather bomb'".  The result is an umbrella painted with sayings, song lyrics and famous weather reports - in Frizzell's signature sign-style print.

For every 'Weather Bomb' umbrella sold, Blunt™ will donate $40 to Oxfam NZ, to put towards their climate change initiatives.

Visit Blunt Umbrellas online to order, or read more about the project here.

15 November 2016

Andre Hemer wins 2016 New Generation Award

Andre Hemer wins 2016 New Generation Award
Big Node #40, 2016, acrylic and pigment on canvas, 800 x 600mm 

Andre Hemer is having an extremely successful year and can add another award to his already growing accolades. Hemer has been awarded the 2016 New Generation Award from the Arts Foundation and wins a cash prize of $25,000. 

About the award: "New Generation artists are the hot shots, the ones to watch, and the ones who have an X-factor that sets them apart from their peers. They have assured potential. Their work is exciting. They are independent, individual and show outstanding promise. They also display a depth of thinking and consistency that gives their work strength."

For more details about the winners and the other awards given, see here.

04 November 2016

Gow Langsford Gallery opens Christchurch Pop Up

Gow Langsford Gallery opens Christchurch Pop Up
Opening night, Thursday 3rd November, 2016

Gow Langsford Gallery has popped up in Christchurch to showcase an exciting new exhibition.

For three weeks this month, the exhibition will feature works by New Zealand and international artists, including Gregor KregarDick FrizzellSara HughesReuben Paterson, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Pablo Picasso, Gordon Walters and Colin McCahon. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and see the project unfold.

Visit us at the newly renovated space at The Tannery, or read more about the exhibition here.

Gow Langsford Gallery Pop Up
The Tannery
200 Cumnor Tce

Friday 4th - Sunday 20th November
Open daily 10 - 5pm


20 October 2016

Frizzell to help fundraise for the Hundertwasser Arts Centre & Wairau Maori Art Gallery

Frizzell to help fundraise for the Hundertwasser Arts Centre & Wairau Maori Art Gallery
The limited edition print in progress

Dick Frizzell will lend his artistic hand to create a limited edition silkscreen print to help fundraise money for the Hundertwasser Arts Centre & Wairau Maori Art Gallery in Whangarei. The Hundertwasser Foundation in Vienna has given Frizzell the copyright permission to produce the print, with the working title of Homage a Hundertwasser’. 

Friedensreich Hundertwasser was an Austrian artist and architect, who has ties to New Zealand after he purchased land in the Bay of Islands in the 1970s, where he lived until his death in 2000. He designed and built the Bottle House, as well as the 'Hundertwasser Toilets' in Kawakawa which is a hot spot for tourists, and one of the most photographed toilet blocks in New Zealand. In 1993, the Mayor of Whangarei invited him to design an art centre for the city and now 20 years on, this design will hopefully be implemented with the help of donations and backing from local council and national museums and galleries.

The Art Centre will have a gallery space to exhibit over 50 original works by Hundertwasser on loan from Vienna and will also include the Wairau Maori Art Gallery, to showcase and celebrate contemporary Maori art. They hope to raise upwards of $13 million and commence building in 2017.

For more information on this project and ways in which you can donate or volunteer, visit their website here.


19 October 2016

Hye Rim Lee's Upcoming International Exhibitions

Hye Rim Lee's Upcoming International Exhibitions
Dialogue With the Senses, Galeria Fatahillah (Jakarta History Museum), Jakarta

Gallery artist, Hye Rim Lee has a number of exciting international group exhibitions that open over the Spring/Summer period. See below for the exhibition dates and locations.

Dialogue with the Senses
The 4th Korea-Indonesia Media Installation Art
21st October - 3rd November 2016
Galeria Fatahillah (Jakarta History Museum), Jakarta

Gallery Simon, Seoul, Korea
10th November 2016 - 11th January 2017

Myth and Science / Unseen Science
International Animamix Biennale for Comics and Animation
Art:1 New Museum Jakarta
9th December 2016 – 9th April 2017

Boca Raton Museum of Art, Boca Raton, Florida, USA 
31st January - 30th July 2017
Curated by Kathy Goncharov, (Curator for Fred Wilson, American Pavilion at the 50th Venice Biennale)
Sponsored by the Museum and Fondazione Berengo, Venice

For more information on Hye Rim Lee, see here, or contact us.


17 October 2016

Richard Lewer in The National: New Australian Art Exhibition

Richard Lewer in The National: New Australian Art Exhibition
Lewer, Big in Australia, acrylic on pegboard, 340 x 420mm

Richard Lewer has been announced as one of the first of nine artists (out of 50) who will be included in The National: New Australian Art, a collaborative exhibition organised by The Art Gallery of New South Wales, Carriageworks, and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Lewer will contribute hand-drawn animation and a performance examining Aboriginal deaths in custody at The Carriageworks, Sydney. All works in this exhibition share key themes of anxiety of identity and social engagement.

The dates for The National: New Australian Art are:

Art Gallery of New South Wales: 30th March to 30th July 2017 
Carriageworks: 30th March to 18th June 2017
Museum of Contemporary Art: 30th March to 18th June 2017

For more information, see here.

13 October 2016

T.J. McNamara reviews Graham Fletcher's Dear Stranger

T.J. McNamara reviews Graham Fletcher's Dear Stranger
Installation of Dear Stranger at Kitchener St

Graham Fletcher's newest solo exhibition Dear Stranger has been reviewed by NZ Herald art's writer T.J. McNamara saying Fletcher's works are "... done with clear, decisive drawing and lively perspective.".

To read the full review, see here. Dear Stranger finishes on 20th October.

10 October 2016

Lisa Roet's Golden Monkey in Beijing

Lisa Roet's Golden Monkey in Beijing
Golden Monkey installed on The Opposite Building, Beijing

To coincide with the Year of The Monkey, Beijing Design Week 2016 and China's Golden Week, Australian artist Lisa Roet presents a selection of her sculptural works at The Opposite House Hotel in Taikoo Li Sanlitun shopping hub in the Chaoyang District.

Along with her famous chimp busts in marble, bronze and gold, Roet also has a selection of custom designed 'Skin Jewellery' inspired by primates and their skin texture and features. The largest of the exhibition is the 10 metre tall inflatable 'Golden Monkey' that sits aloft the side of the building.

The exhibition runs from 22nd September - 31st October 2016. More information can be found here.


03 October 2016

Tony Cragg at Lisson Gallery, London

Tony Cragg at Lisson Gallery, London
Installation at Lisson Gallery

Famed English sculptor Tony Cragg presents a new selection of works at Lisson Gallery, London. The exhibition runs from October 1st - November 5th 2016, and includes some fascinating new sculptures using Cragg's distinctive fluidity and mesmerising forms.

For more on the exhibition see hereand for more on Tony Cragg visit his artist page.

01 October 2016

Jono Rotman Ōmarunui Exhibition at Parlour Projects

Jono Rotman Ōmarunui Exhibition at Parlour Projects
Jono Rotman, Ref: 1/1-001821-G, 2016. Seated portrait of Sir George Stoddart Whitmore. Schmidt, Herman John, 1872-1959: portrait and landscape negatives, Auckland district. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand. 1520 x 1220mm, giclée Print, edition of 3

Gallery artist Jono Rotman presents a new solo exhibition titled Ōmarunui at Hawke's Bay's Parlour Projects gallery. Opening on Wednesday 5th October, Ōmarunui features six large scale photographs exploring the historical events that took place at Ōmarunui in October of 1866, marking the 150th anniversary of this battle.

The opening reception is on Wednesday 5th October from 5 - 6pm, and the exhibition closes on November 5th. For more on the exhibition see here, and for more on Rotman and his previous work, feel free to contact us, or visit his artist page.

08 September 2016

McCahon sells for record price at auction

McCahon sells for record price at auction
Photo by Jason Oxenham, from NZ Herald

Gallery director John Gow had a number of notable successes at last night’s Art + Object auction of the Tim and Sherrah Francis Collection that includes around 220 works collected over their lifetime. Works by Michael Illingworth, Shane Cotton, Rita Angus, and the 66 piece naive collection were all acquired by John on behalf of respected clients and private collectors, with many of the artist's achieving new record prices at auction. The biggest sale of the night, Colin McCahon’s Canoe Tainui was also purchased by John on behalf of a private collector at the record price of $1.35 million; with the added buyer’s premium and auction fees, this will rise to $1,621,68.50.

The 4.8m long Canoe Tainui was purchased by Tim and Sherrah in 1969 (the year of its completion) for the mere price of $550. The text adorning the work is taken directly from the preface of Matire Kereama’s 1968 book, The Tail of the Fish: Maori Memories of the Far North, where each name traces the generations of the Tainui tribe.

For information on this historic auction, see here, or watch the video specifically focused on Canoe Tainui from One News here.

07 September 2016

André Hemer wins Paramount Award at 25th Wallace Art Awards

André Hemer wins Paramount Award at 25th Wallace Art Awards
Big Node #10 photographed in Hemer's studio

Represent artist André Hemer was awarded the Paramount Award at Monday night's 25th Annual Wallace Art Awards for his work, Big Node #10, 2015. The Paramount Award is the top prize, where Hemer will depart on a six month residency at the International Studio and Curatorial Program in New York, USA. Sir James Wallace commented that "the great, challenging, and enigmatic work demonstrated why Hemer is regarded as one of the top new artists on the international art scene".

Read more on the NZ Herald here. For more on Hemer, visit his artist page, or contact us.

24 August 2016

T.J. McNamara reviews Cousins and McCracken exhibitions

T.J. McNamara reviews Cousins and McCracken exhibitions
David McCracken, Plain View Installation

NZ Herald writer T.J. McNamara reviews both exhibitions currently on at Gow Langsford. On David McCracken's Plain View, he states:

"They are more cheerful than the big caterpillar tracks, but have the same qualities of ingenious invention and imaginative use of modern materials."

And on James Cousins' Resident:

"The lack of descriptive titles shows flowers that loom dimly under the surface are almost completely subsumed to the purpose of making an independent work of art intricate and luminous and complete in itself. The success rate in this show is high."

Read the full review here. Both exhibitions finish this Saturday 28th August.

22 August 2016

Andre Hemer and Hye Rim Lee announced as Wallace Art Awards 2016 Finalists

Andre Hemer and Hye Rim Lee announced as Wallace Art Awards 2016 Finalists
Hemer, Big Node #10, 2015, acrylic and pigment on canvas, 1375 x 1025mm

We are pleased to share that gallery artists Andre Hemer and Hye Rim Lee have been announced as finalists for the 25th Annual Wallace Art Awards 2016. There were 371 applicants, with it being narrowed down to 88 entries. The second phase of judging will proceed with all works being delivered to the Pah Homestead, TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre prior to the ceremony and exhibition.

The opening will be held on Monday 5th September, by invitation only. Following this, works will be exhibited to the public and a selection of works will show in the Award Winners & Travelling Finalists exhibition. For further information, visit their website.

15 August 2016

Chris Heaphy's New Public Installation

Chris Heaphy's New Public Installation
Heaphy's new work for Heart of the City

Gallery artist Chris Heaphy has just unveiled his latest work as part of a collaboration with Heart of the City Auckland. The dragon has been installed at 65-71 Federal Street, Auckland, and features Heaphy's signature motifs of historical and cross-cultural references and iconic imagery.

For more information on Heaphy's body of work, visit his artist page, or contact us.

11 August 2016

James Cousins Reviewed on Eye Contact

James Cousins Reviewed on Eye Contact
Resident, 2016, Installation View

John Hurrell reviews James Cousins' new exhibition Resident.

"...this very process of denying the power of any one isolated single image - a sabotaging, wounding, morphological mash-up - makes exhilarating painting."

Read the full article here. Resident is open to view at Lorne St until 27 August 2016.

23 July 2016

Richard Lewer Wins Basil Sellers Art Prize

Richard Lewer Wins Basil Sellers Art Prize
The Theatre of Sports, 2016, oil on canvas. Photograph by Christian Capurro

Richard Lewer has been awarded the prestigious Basil Sellers Art Prize for 2016 with his work The Theatre of Sports. Lewer takes away $100,000, and an exhibition at the Ian Potter Museum of Art, the University of Melbourne from 19th July - 6th November 2016. Over 240 artists from all over Australia submitted entries for this prize, with a focus on how sport and sporting culture can be represented through art, with no restrictions on medium or approach.

Twelve separate canvases form Lewer's winning work, examining what the role of sport has in relation to mental illness; drawing on extremes of behavior and the failures of well known sporting figures.

For further information on this prize, see here, or for information on Richard Lewer and his other works, contact us.

14 July 2016

The Universe: Max Gimblett Exhibition

The Universe: Max Gimblett Exhibition
Installation view, image from Tauranga Art Gallery, Toi Tauranga

31st of July is the final date to view The Universe: Max Gimblett on at Tauranga Art Gallery. The exhibition includes a large selection of his works on paper from the Unviersity of Waikato's collection, supplemented with a selection of his paintings from Gow Langsford Gallery. Max visited Tauranga this week and gave a talk about his background, personal journey and works to many Gimblett enthusiasts. For more information on Max, see here.

26 May 2016

The Auckland Art Fair is now on!

The Auckland Art Fair is now on!
Left to right: Judy Millar, Tony Cragg, Dale Frank

The Auckland Art Fair has begun!  Visit us at The Cloud, Booth 14 until this Sunday the 29th of May.

Featuring works by Dick Frizzell, Judy Millar, Tony Cragg, Dale Frank, Richard Lewer, Paul Dibble, James Cousins, Reuben Paterson, Max Gimblett and Gordon Walters

For more information, please visit the Auckland Art Fair website here.

20 April 2016

Hye Rim Lee in New York

Hye Rim Lee in New York

Hye Rim Lee has recently been a part of the exhibition “The Need For My Care”, at Waterfall Mansion and Gallery in New York. Inspired by Maya Angelou’s “Phenomenal Woman” and in honour of International Woman’s Day, The exhibition gives laud to the strengths, mystery, beauty, and care that make women around the world truly phenomenal. With over 40 acclaimed international artists, The Need For My Care opens up a dialogue about the triumphs and journey of women while reflecting on the mystery and nuances of their spirit. It celebrates the iconoclasts that break down boundaries and empower society through their lives and art. These prolific artists speak about memories of their mothers, mysteries of a woman’s scent, or the power of women who changed history. 

Featuring: Lili Almog, Orna Ben-Ami, Maurice Benayoun, Jose Carlos Casado, Jinwon Chang, Caroline Cheng, Mina Cheon, Shi Chong,  Melanie Ciccone, Tal Danino, Carole Feuerman, Osang Gwon, Youngsoo Han, Claudia Hart, Oyama Enrico Isamu, Yuki Iwanami, Kim Joon, Eduardo Kac, Yayoi Kusama Andrew Kim, Ilhwa Kim, Kimi Kim, Hayoon Jay Lee, Hyerim Lee, Jee Young Lee, Jihyun Lee, Sung-Kuen Lee, Jessica Lichtenstein, Ujoo+Limheeyoung, Lev Manovich, Takagi Masakatsu, Kirsty Mitchell, Seungmo Park, Soo Sunny Park, Shane Pennington, Sarah Saito, Ellen Sandor, Daehyuk Sim, Jennifer Swanson, Ai Wei Wei, Koh Sang Woo, Thomas Wunsch, Minha Yang, Lu Yang, Yangachi, Hugo Yoshikawa

20 January 2016

Collectors Love: André Hemer featured in Art Collector Magazine

Collectors Love: André Hemer featured in Art Collector Magazine
A Hot Mess #6, 2015

Successful exhibitions in Wellington, London, Paris and Shanghai in 2015 have brought André Hemer into the spotlight in the current edition of Art Collector Magazine.

The summer edition is now on shelves, or read the full article here.

11 December 2015

Artist Talk: James Cousins at the Auckland Art Gallery

Artist Talk: James Cousins at the Auckland Art Gallery
James Cousins, 2015, plate.3 (strip), Acrylic and Oil on Canvas, 1700 x 1500mm

This weekend painter James Cousins will be speaking about his painting practice at The Auckland Art Gallery. James currently has a selection of works in 'Necessary Distraction, a Painting Show'. As an exhibition it seeks to discover a new vigor in recent New Zealand painting. Responding to the question 'What can painting offer that other art forms cannot?', the artworks selected and commissioned for this survey share a focus on material and form, and are deliberately open ended. James Cousins alongside painter Nicola Farquhar will discussing their work from 3 on Sunday.

For more details please visit the Auckland Art Galleries website:



06 June 2015

Katharina Grosse at Garage Museum of contemporary Art - Russia

Katharina Grosse at Garage Museum of contemporary Art - Russia
yes no why later, 2015, 5500 x 18000 x 44000 mm. Photo: Ilya Ivanov

For her first exhibition in Russia, German-born artist Katharina Grosse has created one of the largest site-specific installations ever seen in Moscow. Challenging perceptions of what painting is, the installation yes no why later metamorphoses the 800 square-meter exhibition hall into a spectacular, immersive environment. As the final project for Garage Pavilion, the work has been created specifically for the space and its context, using materials that make the connection between Gorky Park and the architecture of the temporary building, which was designed by Shigeru Ban. The result is a haunting, unearthly, “living picture” that visitors can move through, composed of soil and trees sculpted into surprising formations and contaminated by vivid, raw color.

Read more here.

June 1–August 9, 2015
Garage Museum of contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia    


20 August 2014

Sara Hughes in Charity Auction

Sara Hughes in Charity Auction
Sara Hughes, Afterglow

A new painting by Sara Hughes was part of a recent auction to celebrate Daffodil Day, which raised $13,000 for the Cancer Society. Visible Light is part of Hughes new body of work that will be exhibited in her upcoming solo show, Sing a Rainbow, at Lorne St, 17 September - 11 October. Please email us if you are interested in receiving image and work details in advance of the exhibition Preview.