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Grace Wright

18 October 2021

Grace Wright’s Painted Cacophonies Entice and Repel in Equal Measure on Ocula

Grace Wright’s Painted Cacophonies Entice and Repel in Equal Measure on Ocula
Alpha Paradise, 2020. Installation View at Gow Langsford Gallery, Auckland

Anna Dickie of Ocula explores Grace Wright's latest works and the inspiration for her painting practice. 

"Just as Wright's very recognisable flat brushstrokes twist in unexpected ways, so does her work's relationship with a cacophony of influences, from Western art history to dance, nature, and the contemporary technological and socio-political moment.

In Alpha Paradise, Wright's inaugural show with Gow Langsford Gallery in Auckland in 2020, elements of 17th-century painting floated to the surface of large richly layered acrylic paintings harbouring coiling compositions rendered in the contrasting colour combinations of the Baroque. Across the gallery, Prussian blues, viridian greens, bright yellows, moody umbers, and turquoises and pinks bloomed."

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22 September 2020

Grace Wright Reviewed on EyeContact

Grace Wright Reviewed on EyeContact
Alpha Paradise, Installation View. Credit: Sam Hartnett.

Grace Wright's current exhibition Alpha Paradise has been reviewed by John Hurrell for EyeContact.

"This artist’s ‘crazed’ brush-smear orchestration has a lot of appeal. It is not mindless energy, but carefully controlled; an impressive show from an obviously talented emerging painter. However, having almost a dozen vertical rectangles almost all the same size does look a bit conveyor-beltish and predictable, as if sticking to a formula. Consequently the much larger Final Fantasy has real impact with its sense of an underlying horizontal panoramic vista, and low altitude ethereal eddies cavorting over a valley-type landscape."

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