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Allen Maddox

06 March 2015

Art auction results exceed expectations

Art auction results exceed expectations
Karl Maughan Foxhall Road

The local art market is alive and well if last night’s A+O auction results are something to go by. Don Binney’s Manunui, Otakamiro (Lot 49) retailed at Gow Langsford Gallery for $2,200 in 2011 and sold last night for a staggering price of $9,966.  While Foxhall Road (lot 28), a 2000 painting by Gallery artist Karl Maughan, fetched a price of $49,245, more than double the high estimate.  See our website for available works by these artists along with works by Micheal Smither, Gretchen Albrecht and Allen Maddox who also performed well.

See here for a full list of auction highlights.